FaithWriters' Writing Challenge Ratings Feedback
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AT LAST! The FaithWriters’ Writing Challenge Ratings Feedback service is available for all Challenge entrants.


The heart of the Challenge has always been to provide a tool to help writers hone their skill by writing to word count, topic and deadline each week. However, from the start, the most common complaint has been that it doesn’t actually help improve writing skill if the writer doesn’t know where their entry was weak.


The Ratings Feedback Service provides a thorough overview of the combined judges’ ratings for each of the eight current rating criteria, together with helpful insight from Deb Porter. This will help to show where an entry was considered particularly strong or weak.


Ratings Feedback reports have evolved from a fairly simple overview of the judges' ratings into a very detailed and thorough report. It is, in essence, a professional assessment of your Challenge entry.


Due to the work involved in preparing these reports, the cost of each Ratings Feedback report is now $13.50 (AU Dollars).  


Please note:  Payment can be made using a credit card or your PayPal account. PayPal will automatically convert your currency to Australian dollars. To check today's exchange rate, we recommend using the XE Universal Currency Converter


Not sure if the Ratings Feedback report is what you are looking for? Our sample Ratings Feedback Report should help you decide. 



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So if this is the service you've been waiting for, then wait no longer. You can purchase your Ratings Feedback report here:


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If you have any questions at all (either about the Ratings Feedback service or about using Finesse to edit your work), please Contact us for more information.